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June 2

At the Scripps National Spelling Bee, Angelina Holm spelled her round 2 and round 3 words, cancrizans and simulacrum, correctly but did not make it through the written test to the finals.  She finished in 42nd place.  Jake Faulk also spelled his round 2 and round 3 words correctly, arborvitae and metatarsus, and had the second highest score on the written test making it to the finals of the national spelling bee. In round 4 he correctly spelled lotic, but in round 5 misspelled lochan finishing in 31st place.  Congratulations to both spellers.

April 1

Colorado State Spelling Bee champion Angelina Holm, 6th grader at DSA, will be joined at the Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington D. C. by Jake Faulk, 8th grader from Slavens School. Under a new 2018 Scripps rule, school champions not otherwise qualified for the national spelling bee can apply for acceptance.  Jake finished third at the Colorado State Spelling Bee this year and was accepted to represent Colorado at the national bee.   

DPS  schools signed up for 2017-2018 semantics competitions:  Bird, Blair, Bromwell, C3, Carson, Centennial, Chavez, Cory, DDES, DDS, DLS, DSA, Edison, Grant Beacon, Grant Ranch, Greenwood, Gust, Hamilton, High Tech, Hill, Howell, Maxwell, McAuliffe International, Merrill, Montclair, Morey, Munroe, Polaris, P.R.E.P. Academy, Roberts, RMSEL, Schmitt, Shoemaker, Skinner, Slavens, Steck, Steele, Swigert, Traylor, Trevista, University Park, Valdez  Schools registered with ScrippsBird, Bromwell, Carson, Cory, DDS, DLS, DSA, Edison, Hamilton, High Tech, Hill, McAuliffe International, Merrill, Morey, Polaris, P.R.E.P Academy, RMSEL, Shoemaker, Slavens, Steele, Swigert, Traylor, University Park.

DPS schools can sign up for spelling competitions for the 2017-2018 school year.  Contact Bill Schaefer at 303-322-0479 or bcs640@msn.com.

January 25

Directions for this year’s City Written test will be in the school mail today, January 25.  City Written will be held on a Saturday (Feb. 10) for the first time this year.  Schools that have registered with Scripps will need to bring completed entry forms for the Colorado State Spelling Bee with them to City Written.  Bill Schaefer will deliver the state entry forms for our 25 DPS state qualifiers to the Denver Post on Monday, February 12.  There are 80 spelling words at City Written, 40 from the three Spell It! study sheets, 14 from the grade-specific list, and 26 words that could be any word in the unabridged dictionary.  There are 20 vocabulary words at City Written, 10 from the three Spell It! study lists, 5 from the grade-specific lists, and 5 from anywhere in the dictionary.  This year schools that have qualifiers for state will have to pay the registration fee to the Denver Post for their qualifiers.  Bill Schaefer is no longer allowed to pay the fee for the spellers and get reimbursed by the schools.  Information on the state fees has been sent to each teacher at schools that have registered with Scripps. 

January 15

Pronouncer’s lists for the January 25 spelling bee will be delivered to host schools on Friday, January 19.  If pronouncers would like any help with the word list contact Bill Schaefer at 303-322-0479.  City Written information will be sent via school mail to all participating schools on January 23.

November 14

Revised competition schedule has been posted, click on "Schedule."  Pronouncer’s lists for the Dec. 7 spelling bee will be delivered to host schools on Friday, Dec. 1.  

October 16

Our DPS spelling bee schedule has been revised today.  Click on "Schedule" for the updated schedule.  Study materials for the second spelling bee, City Written, and City Orals will be sent to teachers in the school mail on Oct. 23.   

August 21

Schools can now sign up for the 2017-2018 DPS semantics competitions.  Contact Bill Schaefer at bcs640@msn.com.  Schools that also want to be eligible for the Colorado State Spelling Bee must also register with Scripps, sponsor of the National Spelling Bee, at www.spellingbee.com.  Registration with Scripps is $151 this year.  The deadline is October 16.  After that late enrollment goes up substantially.  It was $220 last year, probably more this year.  Schools that do not register with Scripps can still participate in the two interschool spelling bees and City Written.  Students qualifying in the top 25 on the City Written test will be eligible for City Orals, our DPS district championship spelling bee.  Click on "Schedule" for dates and times. 

May 31

Faith Baca, 2017 Colorado State Spelling Bee champion, represented Colorado and DPS at the Scripps National Spelling Bee.  She scored 27 out of 30 on the written spelling and vocabulary test.  In round two she correctly spelled sempiternal, meaning everlasting, but was eliminated in round three when she misspelled parcity, meaning frugality or scantiness.  There were 291 spellers at the bee, Faith finished in a tie for 189th.  Had Faith spelled parcity correctly, her excellent written test score of 27 out of 30 would have qualified her for the finals.  

April 1

22 spellers have signed up for 2017 Summer Semantics.  All DPS semantics teachers have received end-of-the-year packets in the school mail.  Please contact Bill Schaefer if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for DPS Semantics for the 2017-2018 school year competitions.

March 15

The Colorado State Spelling Bee was held on Saturday March 11.  272 Spellers took part and 33 of them made the final oral spelling bee.  15 of the finalists were from Denver Public Schools including this year’s state champion Faith Baca and 8th grader at Rocky Mountain School of Expeditionary Learning.  Other top ten spellers from DPS were Edwin Wojcik, 3d place 8th grader from DSST Conservatory Green, Maria Ciobanu 4th place 6th grader from Denver School of the Arts, Angelina Holm, 4th place 5th grader from University Park Elementary, and Carter Ottele, 4th place 8th grader from Denver School of the Arts. 

February 17

228 spellers competed yesterday on the 2017 City Written spelling test.  Congratulations to this year’s qualifiers for the Colorado State Spelling Bee.  Click on "City Written  - Results" for a list of those spellers.  Twelve DPS schools have qualifiers for City Orals (underlined above).  Our 31 top spellers will compete at the City Orals District Championship Spelling Bee on Wednesday, March 8, at Hamilton Middle School.  Thanks to our staff from the DPS gifted and talented office for tirelessly working in an emergency situation to set up Northfield High School for the City Written competition.  And, as always, thanks to our volunteer graders who compiled the results of the City Written test within 2 hours of the completion of the test.  Our spellers were very impressive at City Written compiling terrific scores on a very difficult test.  Gook luck spellers at City Orals and the state spelling bee!

February 13

We need to make an emergency switch in locations for City Written from Temple Emanuel to Northfield High School, 5500 Central Park Blvd.

January 30

The year’s second spelling bees were held last week.  Thanks again to all host teachers for promptly reporting the results.  Click on "Second Spelling Bee - Results" for all the championship round spellers.  City Written information was school-mailed to participating schools last Friday.  Click on "City Written - Directions" for information. 

December 12

The year’s first spelling bees were held last week.  Championship round spellers made it well into the word list.  This means we have a great crop of spellers to send to the state bee again this year.  Championship round results are posted, click on "First Spelling Bee - Results."  Practice dictionaries for the 2nd spelling bee (Jan. 26) and City Orals were school-mailed to teachers on Oct. 25.  Thanks to host teachers--all results were reported by 2:15 p.m.  

September 19

This week teachers are asked to report the number of spellers they expect to be having at the interschool spelling bees and whether or not they would like to host one or both of the bees.  They schedule for 2016-2017 will be finalized next week.

August 22

Schools can sign up for participation in the DPS semantics program for the 2016-2017 school year by calling Bill Schaefer at 303-322-0479.  Study materials will be sent to you via school mail the day you sign up.  Participating schools compete in two inter-school spelling bees and the "City Written" Spelling Contest (the dates are posted--click on "Schedule").  The top 25 spellers on that test qualify for the "City Orals" District Championship Spelling Bee.  Students from schools that register with the Scripps National Spelling Bee can qualify for the Colorado State Spelling Bee sponsored by the Denver Post.  The top 25 spellers on the City Written test from schools that have registered with Scripps will represent the Denver Public Schools at the Colorado State Spelling Bee.  Schools can register with Scripps between August 22 and October 15 for $135.  To register your school go to the National Spelling Bee website  www.spellingbee.com  and follow the steps. Again, the deadline for registering with Scripps is October 15. After that the fee goes up.

August 10

The 2016 Summer Semantics championship spelling bee will be held next week on Thursday August 18 in the Hamilton Middle School Auditorium, 1:00 to finish.  Parents and teachers are welcome.  The dates for the 2016-2017 DPS semantics competitions have been set.  Click on "Schedule."

July 20

DPS Semantics is sponsoring adult spelling bees at the Denver County Fair for the 6th consecutive year.  Slavens spellers Sarah Young and Ben Abram are assisting Bill Schaefer managing the bee.  Interested adults can sign up at the fair at the Geek Pavilion on Saturday July 30.  The bee begins at 2:30.

May 14

2016 Summer Semantics is set to start.  Sessions will be at Slavens School, 3000 S. Clayton St. from 1:00 to 3:15. on specified days.  Schedules will be distributed to spellers the week of May 15 and school-mailed to their respective teachers.

April 15

27 spellers have signed up for Summer Semantics.  Parents please get your list of available days during summer break to Bill Schaefer by Friday April 22.

March 14

DPS spellers set an all-time record at the Colorado State Spelling Bee by qualifying 20 spellers for the state finals.  This beats the previous record of 19 finalists also set by the Denver Public Schools in 1967.  Seven out of the top ten spellers were DPS students.  They are Bryn Flanigan (GALS, 3rd), Faith Baca (RMSEL, 5th), Tobias Holm (Hamilton, 5th place), Gwenyth Aggeler (DSA, 7th), Jake Faulk (Hamilton, 8th), Elissa Volling (Hamilton, 8th), and Edwin Wojcik (DSST-CG, 8th).  Returning finalists and other state spelling bee spelling have until April 1 to sign up for 2016 Summer Semantics.  Call Bill Schaefer at 303-322-0479 to enroll. 

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